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Chimp Who Hasn’t Seen Sun Is Transformed 9 Years Later

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Jamie, a 40-year-old chimp, has been living a happy life at the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest for the past nine years.

But before that, the sanctuary reports that Jamie and other chimps “were living in a basement-holding facility without access to the outdoors or sunlight.”

In the footage below, you’ll see Jamie from nine years ago when the sanctuary first adopted her.

You can tell how sad she looks and how pale her skin is under her black hair. While curious about the enrichment items, the chimp’s movements are sluggish and she seems uninterested in the items after a few moments.

But thankfully, given proper care, nutrition, and love from the sanctuary, Jamie is enjoying herself on two huge acres of land. As stated in the video, she has “a sunlit greenhouse that she takes full advantage of.”

According to Jamie’s biography, it looks like the chimp was used in experiments and lived in a cage for most of her life and wasn’t given anything to stimulate her mind. “In the lab, Jamie had very little choices and zero control over her life,” her bio states. “She resorted to pulling her hair out due to pure boredom.”

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Footage provided by Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest. For more information, visit their website, YouTube channel, and Facebook page.

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