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McDonald’s Responds To Claims That They Train Empl

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve eaten your order of fries way too quickly, your gluttonous ways may not be the problem.

McDonald’s workers have come out recently saying that they’ve been explicitly trained by their company to under-fill french fry orders, as per this AskReddit thread that asked what their respective occupations are “hiding” from the customer.

So if you’ve felt like the portions used to be more generous years ago, that’s because they just might have been. Employees allege that they were instructed to pinch the base of fry cartons before adding the fries, so they looked like they were full from the top, but at the bottom there’d by significantly less fried potato goodness.

User ExperMENTALbunny said that there was only ever one customer who called them out on their technique, while others revealed they flat-out refused to partake in the practice.

A statement released by McDonald’s clarifies: 

Sounds like fry-gate might become a thing, people.

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