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These Mermaid Churros Are About To Take Over Insta

Maybe you’re sick of the unicorn and mermaid themed food stuffs and life events. They’re so sparkly, and rainbow-y and Instagrammable. When you spend a lot of time on the Internet, it’s hard to get away from the trend, and eventually you’re like, “Ugh! Why is everything about fantastical creatures!” Well, the reason is because eventually you’ll find the perfect mythological treat, designed just for you. 

Behold: the Mermaid Churro!

Cosmopolitan reports that this exquisite shimmering creation can be found at The Loop, a business that makes huge hand-crafted churros in California, dips them in different topping and then sticks them in soft serve. Did they find these recipes in my dreams?

Here’s matcha and chocolate almonds:

And what looks like cereal but is called matcha crunch?

Actually, they all look delicious, tag yourself:

But only one perfectly marries my need to eat churros with my sudden desire to pose for a photo while holding one of these beauties:

And if you need something to wash it down with, The Loop is also serving sparkling mermaid lemonade, which is hypnotizing, but somewhat more frightening to put into your body:

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