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UberEats And Krispy Kreme Just Had A Total PR Disaster

All customers had to do to get their hands on a dozen was to order them from the UberEats app from 2pm. “Be the office hero” Krispy Kreme tweeted.

The giveaway was to celebrate the doughnuts being available to order from the delivery app – but it didn’t exactly go to plan.

Many users got a message saying: “We didn’t find a match for Krispy Kreme” – despite being in areas Krispy Kreme said it would be delivering to.

In a statement, which included an unforgivably bad pun, an UberEats spokesperson said: “We’ve been overwhelmed by Londoners’ love of Krispy Kremes with tens of thousands of orders in just a few minutes. This caused a technical issue.

“We’re working hard to get this sorted, but doughnut worry, the activity will run all afternoon so there is still time to order.”

At the time of publication, the Krispy Kreme offer was still unavailable.

BuzzFeed News understands that any customers who were incorrectly charged will get a refund.

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